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Q151. On the Steelhead Mobile Controller, what is the default setting of Reorder Intermediate Drivers?

A. Enabled

B. Disabled

C. Offline

D. Online

E. Checked

Answer: B

Q152. You are configuring HighSpeed TCP in an environment with an OC-3 (155Mb/s) and 60 milliseconds of round-trip latency. You know that the rule of thumb is to set the WAN router queue length to BDP for the link. Assuming 1500 byte packets, the queue length for this link would be closest to: (Hint: Use the calculator)

A. 3,110 packets

B. 6,220 packets

C. 775 packets

D. 150 packets

E. 10,000 packets

Answer: C

Q153. When upgrading a Steelhead appliance from the CMC appliance what methodologies can be used? (Select 2)

A. Upgrade from uploaded image

B. Upgrade from the CMC appliance flash

C. Automatic download from

D. Upgrade from URL

E. Upgrade from TFTP server

Answer: AD

Q154. You need to take a full packet trace from the WAN interface of a Steelhead appliance to send into technical support. Which of the following commands will achieve this assuming typical Ethernet MTU? (Select 2)

A. tcpdump ­i wan0_0 ­s 0 ­w filename

B. tcpdump ­i wan0_0 ­s 1500 ­w filename

C. tcpdump ­I wan0_0 ­w filename

D. tcpdump ­i wan0_0 ­w filename

E. tcpdump ­I wan0_0 ­s 1500 ­w filename

Answer: AB

Q155. What is the command to clear all statistics on a Steelhead appliance?

A. (config) # stats clear-all

B. (config) # clear-all stats

C. (config) # reset stats

D. (config) # reload stats clean

E. (config) # clear stats

Answer: A

Q156. Which of the following methods can be used to reduce the load on a router configured to use outbound interface WCCP redirection? (Select 3)

A. Using inbound interface redirection instead

B. Use fixed-target rules and remove WCCP on the WAN facing interfaces

C. Use Redirect lists to control what traffic gets redirected

D. Use the router command "load interval 30" to restrict WCCP to use 30% of the CPU

E. Use Event Element Manager (EEM) to load balance between a clustered Steelhead appliance deployment

Answer: ABC

Q157. What is the command to return a Steelhead appliance back to factory defaults?

A. (config) # restart factory reload

B. (config) # reload factory

C. (config) # restart clean

D. (config) # reload clean empty

E. (config) # reset factory reload

Answer: E

Q158. In a WCCP configuration, during a packet trace, you notice the return WCCP communication on a

CAT 6500 is using GRE. The Steelhead appliance is directly connected to it. What can be done to alleviate the router's CPU? (Select 2)

A. Force L2 return

B. Use PBR

C. Use peering rules to avoid using GRE altogether

D. Use NBAR to redirect

E. Nothing can be done to force traffic as a different return

Answer: AB

Q159. Is any user data sent across the out-of-band (OOB) connection of a Steelhead appliance?

A. No data is sent across this connection

B. Yes, only after 60 seconds

C. Yes, when the peer Steelhead appliance requests information

D. Yes, when the connection is setup

E. Yes, every 30 seconds

F. Yes, every 30 minutes

Answer: A

Q160. After a new physical in-path installation, all applications appear to be slower. Adding a pass- through rule does not seem to fix the problem. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. Duplex mismatch

B. Firewall blocking auto-discovery probes

C. No fixed-target rules installed

D. A and C

E. A, B, and C

Answer: A

Q161. Refer to the exhibit.

In the accompanying exhibit, SH3 and SH4 are able to optimize FTP and HTTP sessions between Client41 and the respective application hosts Server31 and Server32. However, optimization does not happen for Client42 and these application hosts. A quick check on SH3 and SH4 registers neither optimized nor pass-through traffic from Client42. Client42 is able to ping Client41 and the in-path address of SH4. Note that SH3 and SH4 are in auto-discovery mode. What is the likely cause?

A. The default gateway of Client41 is configured wrong

B. The default gateway of Client42 is configured wrong

C. The default gateway of SH3 is configured wrong

D. The default gateway of SH4 is configured wrong

E. The routing protocol between R3 and R4 is configured wrong

Answer: B

Q162. What is "Peer Affinity" on an Interceptor appliance?

A. Which parallel Interceptor appliance an Interceptor appliance is most likely to forward traffic to

B. Deciding which of the two serial Interceptors handles more traffic

C. Matching remote Steelhead appliances to a local Steelhead appliance

D. The shipyard from which Riverbed is most likely to ship Interceptor appliances

Answer: C

Q163. What are the capabilities of an Interceptor appliance? (Select 3)

A. Peer affinity

B. Sequential rule processing

C. Intelligent forwarding

D. Basic in-path rules for pushing to the Steelhead appliance cluster

E. Centralize reporting of all Steelhead appliances in the enterprise

Answer: ABC

Q164. Can you optimize FTP using Steelhead Mobile?

A. Yes, this is possible on all FTP modes

B. When using active FTP

C. When using passive FTP

D. It is not possible to optimize FTP traffic

E. Only when there is no firewall enabled

Answer: C

Q165. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer has a server-side out-of-path deployment, and reports that connections from some of their remote branch offices are not being optimized. What is the most likely problem?

A. A missing fixed-target rule on the server-side Steelhead appliance

B. A missing fixed-target rule on the client-side Steelhead appliance

C. The WAN interface is connected to the server-side Steelhead appliance

D. The LAN interface is connected to the server-side Steelhead appliance

E. Using port 7810 in the fixed-target rule instead of 7800

Answer: B