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Q46. What deployment type supports fail-to-wire?

A. Physical in-path

B. Virtual in-path

C. Out-of-path

D. Virtual Steelhead appliance

E. Proxy file server

Answer: A

Q47. Which of the following are configurable in the CMC appliance Jump-Start Wizard? (Select 4)

A. IP address

B. Netmask

C. Steelhead appliance model number

D. Default gateway

E. Administrator password

Answer: ABDE

Q48. How do you view the full configuration in the CLI?

A. > Show Con

B. Show Configuration

C. > show configuration all

D. # show configuration full

E. (config) # show con

Answer: D

Q49. Which of the following features are available with the Virtual Steelhead appliance? (Select 2)



C. Fail-to-wire


E. Datastore synchronization

Answer: BE

Q50. The IP address for which neighbor interface should be configured for Connection Forwarding?

1) lan0_0

2) inpath0_0

3) Primary

4) AUX

5) inpath7_7

A. 1

B. 2

C. 1, 5

D. 2, 3, 4, 5

E. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Answer: B

Q51. What should you do when you receive the following message?

A. Nothing. This is a warning message which means that the Steelhead appliance is resetting an internal state regarding this connection and it should not affect user performance.

B. Switch off the Steelhead appliance

C. Create a specific pass-through rule to bypass the above source and destination hosts

D. Reload the Steelhead appliance

Answer: A

Q52. How many versions of CMC appliance software images can reside on the CMC simultaneously?

A. 5

B. 4

C. 3

D. 2

E. 1

Answer: D

Q53. The Optimization service has been disabled on a Steelhead appliance. Which of the following events occur as a result?

A. LAN and WAN interfaces stop intercepting

B. Primary interface becomes disabled

C. AUX interface becomes disabled

D. The Steelhead appliance reboots

Answer: A

Q54. A customer's network consists of a data center with an Interceptor appliance and a Steelhead appliance cluster and several remote sites each with Steelhead appliances.

You would like to pass-through an application unoptimized due to a suspected problem and are provided the following information:

The application uses a static TCP port, 15000.

The application is initiated from the remote site machines.

The same servers which host the application host several other applications as well.

Based on the information provided which option will allow the application to pass-through:

A. Configure in-path rules on the Interceptor appliance to pass-through destination TCP port 15000

B. Configure in-path rules on the data center Steelhead appliances to pass-through the server IP addresses

C. Configure a peering rule on the Interceptor appliance to pass-through destination TCP port 15000

D. Configure a load-balancing rule on the Interceptor appliance to pass-through destination TCP port 15000

E. Stop the Interceptor appliance service

Answer: D

Q55. Which of the following are examples of Networking policies on the CMC appliance? (Select 3)


B. HighSpeed TCP

C. Routing

D. Port Labels

E. HTTP Protocol

Answer: ACD

Q56. For a Steelhead Mobile solution to work properly, what port needs to be allowed by the device that Steelhead Mobile is installed on?

A. 7800

B. 7810

C. 7801

D. 7830

E. 7840

Answer: C

Q57. What is configured in an Endpoint policy? (Choose the best answer)

A. Redundant Steelhead Mobile Controllers

B. In-path rules

C. Group IDs

D. Port labels

Answer: A

Q58. What is the default authorization policy used by Steelhead appliances?

A. Remote-Last

B. Local-Only

C. Local-First

D. Remote-Only

E. Remote-First

Answer: E

Q59. An unwanted Steelhead appliance appears on the current connections list of one of your Steelhead appliances. How can you stop inbound connections from this unknown appliance from optimizing with your Steelhead appliances?

A. Create new peering rule(s) on your Steelhead appliances

B. Create new in-path rule(s) on your Steelhead appliance

C. Create IPSec tunnels between all of your Steelhead appliances

D. Reload all of your Steelhead appliances

E. Reload only the data center Steelhead appliance

Answer: A

Q60. What is visible on the CMC appliance home page dashboard? (Select 4)

A. CMC appliance model

B. CMC appliance version

C. Logout

D. Reset

E. User Logged in

Answer: ABCE