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New Cisco 300-075 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Question No: 1

Which three steps are required when configuring extension mobility in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose three.)

A. Create the extension mobility IP Phone Service.

B. Check the Home Cluster checkbox on the End User Configuration page.

C. Check the Enable Extension Mobility checkbox on the Directory Number Configuration page.

D. Unsubscribe all other services from the Cisco IP Phone.

E. Create a user Device Profile.

F. Subscribe the extension mobility IP Phone Service to the user Device Profile.

Answer: A,E,F

Question No: 2

After forgetting to log out of his IP phone in the main office, an Extension Mobility user is unable to log in to a different IP phone at a remote office. Which option is a possible reason for the problem?

A. The phone at the remote location is a different model than the phone in the useru2019s main office.

B. The useru2019s Extension Mobility profile is misconfigured.

C. The user can log in to only one device at a time.

D. The device pool is misconfigured.

Answer: C

Question No: 3

Which three tests can you perform to verify redundancy in the customer environment? (Choose three.)

A. Verify that Cisco Unified IP phones running SCCP go into SRST mode when the WAN connection is disconnected.

B. Verify that all phones are registered to a second subscriber server.

C. Verify that SCCP fallback is configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

D. Verify that HSRP is active on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager subscriber servers.

E. Verify that media resources fail over to a secondary subscriber server when the publisher fails.

F. Verify that the H.323 redundant connection is active.

Answer: A,B,E

Question No: 4

Which command displays the detailed configuration of all the Cisco Unified IP phones, voice ports, and dial peers of the Cisco Unified SRST router?

A. show call-manager-fallback all

B. show dial-peer voice summary

C. show ephone summary

D. show voice port summary

Answer: A

Question No: 5

Which three options are overlapping parameters for roaming when a device is configured for

Device Mobility? (Choose three.)

A. device pool

B. location

C. network locale

D. codec


F. extension

Answer: B,C,E


The overlapping parameters for roaming-sensitive settings are Media Resource Group List, Location, and Network Locale. The overlapping parameters for the Device Mobility-related settings are Calling Search Space (called Device Mobility Calling Search Space at the device pool), AAR Group, and AAR Calling Search Space. Overlapping parameters configured at the phone have higher priority than settings at the home device pool and lower priority than settings at the roaming device pool.

Reference: https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/77096/device-mobility

Question No: 6

When troubleshooting high CPU utilization within the Command Line Interface (CLI) of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). Which command will show the process CPU usage for all processes?

A. show network status

B. show pert query counter Process"% CPU Time"

C. show pert query counter Partition"% Used"

D. show pert query counter Process "Process Status"

Answer: B

Question No: 7

Company X wants to implement RSVP-based Call Admission Control and move away from the current location-based configuration.

Where does the administrator go to create a default profile?

A. System > Call Manager > Clusterwide > Service Parameters > RSVP

B. System > Service Parameters > RSVP

C. System > Service Parameters > Call Manager > Clusterwide parameters > RSVP

D. on each MGCP gateway at all remote locations

Answer: C

Question No: 8

When implementing a Media Termination Point, what determines the number of sessions that is supported on each DSP?

A. the codecs that are used in universal transcoding mode

B. the size of the cluster that is being designed

C. the number of full-duplex media streams

D. the Cisco Unified Communications Manager node setting

Answer: A

Question No: 9

You need to verify if the Media Gateway Control Protocol gateway is enabled and active. Which command should you use for this purpose?

A. show running-config

B. show fallback-mgcp

C. show gateway

D. show ccm-manager fallback-mgcp

E. show running-config gateway

F. show fallback-mgcp ccm-manager

Answer: D

Question No: 10

Which option configures call preservation for H.323-based SRST mode?

A. voice service voip h323 call preserve

B. call preservation not possible with H.323

C. call-manager-fallback preserve-call

D. dial-peer voice 1 voip call preserve

Answer: A

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