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New Cisco 300-075 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 9 - Question 18)

Q1. Which action configures phones in site A to use G.711 to site B, but uses G.729 to site C?

A. Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager regions.

B. Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager locations.

C. Configure transcoder resources in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

D. Configure a gatekeeper.

Answer: A

Q2. How long is the default keepalive period for SRST in Cisco IOS?

A. 45 sec

B. 30 sec

C. 60 sec

D. 120 sec

Answer: B

Q3. Company X has deployed a VCS Control with a local zone and a traversal client zone. To facilitate external calls, VCS Expressway is deployed and traversal server zone is set up there. Video endpoints inside Company X have registered, but are unable to receive calls from outside endpoints. Which option could be the cause of this issue?

A. The traversal zone on the VCS Control does not have a search rule configured.

B. The access control list on the VCS Control must be updated with the IP for the external users.

C. When a traversal zone is set up on VCS Control only outbound calls are possible.

D. The local zone on the VCS Control does not have a search rule configured.

Answer: B

Q4. A new administrator at Company X has deployed a VCS Control on the LAN and VCS Expressway in the DMZ to facilitate VPN-less SIP calls with users outside of the network. However, the users report that calls via the VCS are erratic and not very consistent.

What must the administrator configure on the firewall to stabilize this deployment?

A. The VCS Control should not be on the LAN, but it must be located in the DMZ with the Expressway.

B. The firewall at Company X must have all SIP ALG functions disabled.

C. The firewall at Company X requires a rule to allow all traffic from the DMZ to pass to the same network that the VCS Control is on.

D. A TMS server is needed to allow the firewall traversal to occur between the VCS Expressway and the VCS Control servers.

Answer: B

Q5. Where do you specify the device mobility group and physical location after they have been configured?

A. phones


C. device mobility CSS

D. device pool


F. locale

Answer: D

Q6. Which two statements about the use of the Intercluster Lookup Service in a multicluster environment are true? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager uses the ILS to support intercluster URI dialing.

B. ILS contains an optional directory URI replication feature that allows the clusters in an ILS network to replicate their directory URIs to the other clusters in the ILS network.

C. Directory URI replication does not need to be enabled individually for each cluster.

D. To enable URI replication in a cluster, check the Exchange Directory URIs with Remote Clusters check box that appears in the SIP trunk configuration menu.

E. If the ILS and directory URI replication feature is disabled on a cluster, this cluster still accepts ILS advertisements and directory URIs from other neighbor clusters; it just does not advertise its local directory URIs.

Answer: A,B

Q7. When configuring Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony, which CLI command enables this feature on the router?

A. call-manager-fallback

B. ccm-manager redundant-host

C. ccm-manager sccp local

D. ccm-manager switchback

Answer: A

Q8. Which sign is prefixed to the number in global call routing?

A. -

B. +

C. #

D. @

E. &

F. *

Answer: B

Q9. Which two actions ensure that the call load from Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster is shared across Unified CM nodes? (Choose two.)

A. Create a neighbor zone in VCS with the Unified CM nodes listed as location peer addresses.

B. Create a single traversal client zone in VCS with the Unified CM nodes listed as location peer addresses.

C. Create one neighbor zone in VCS for each Unified CM node.

D. Create a VCS DNS zone and configure one DNS SRV record per Unified CM node.

E. In VCS set Unified Communications mode to Mobile and remote access and configure each Unified CM node.

Answer: A,E

Q10. Which command is needed to utilize local dial peers on an MGCP-controlled ISR during an SRST failover?

A. ccm-manager fallback-mgcp

B. telephony-service

C. dialplan-pattern

D. isdn overlap-receiving

E. voice-translation-rule

Answer: A

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