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Q1. All client computers on your company network run Windows 7. 

Each computer has the following components:

       Single quad-core processor

       8 GB of RAM

       250-GB hard disk drive

The hard disk drive is partitioned into drive C for the operating system and drive D for the user data.

Employees run an application that generates large reports. These reports take too long to generate on the computers. You confirm that processor time and memory are acceptable.

You need to identify why these reports are generating slowly.

You create a User Defined Data Collector Set.

What should you include in this set?

A. Memory\Available Mbytes and Memory\% Committed Bytes In Use counters

B. Process\% Privileged Time and Process\% User Time counters for each processor core

C. Physical Disk\ Avg. Disk Queue Length and Physical Disk\% Disk Time counters for Disk0 of the computers

D. Logical Disk\Free Megabytes and Logical Disk\% Free Space counters for the user data drives of the computers

Answer: C

Q2. The company implements a data recovery agent (DRA) for Bitlocker.

A portable computer fails.

The help desk reports that it is unable to use the DRA to recover the data from the computer's hard disk drive.

You need to ensure that the DRA can be used to recover data from the hard disk drives of all portable computers.

Which tool should you use?

A. CertUtil.exe

B. Cipher.exe

C. Manage-bde.exe

D. SDelete.exe

Answer: C

Q3. Your company network has 500 client computers that run Windows 7. Your team consists of 20 desktop support technicians.

Two technicians troubleshoot a hardware-related performance issue on a computer. The technicians obtain different results by using their own User Defined Data Collector Sets.

You need to create a standardized Data Collector Set on a network share that is accessible to your team.

What should you create?

A. Event Trace Data Collector Set

B. Performance Counter Data Collector Set

C. Performance Counter Alert Data Collector Set

D. System Configuration Information Data Collector Set

Answer: B

Q4. All client computers on your company network run Windows 7.

An application has stopped working. The application is dependent on a service that runs automatically and logs on to the domain by using a dedicated service account. You also discover that an entry in the event log has the following message:

"Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password."

You need to ensure that the service runs successfully.

What should you do?

A. Add the dedicated account to the local Administrators group.

B. Add the employee user account to the local Administrators group.

C. Reset the employee password and configure it to never expire.

D. Reset the service account password and configure it to never expire.

Answer: D

Q5. You deploy a WAP in one of the company locations. Client computers connect to it by using the WiFi GPO.

You need to ensure that users cannot change the network location for the connection.

Which policy should you define?

A. Wireless Network (IEEE 802.11)

B. IP Security

C. Network List Manager

D. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Answer: C

Q6. Your company has a main office and a branch office. The branch office is configured as shown in the exhibit:

The branch office contains the following wireless devices:

       A phone system that uses the 5.8 GHz wireless spectrum

       A wireless access point that uses 802.11b

       Printers that are compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g

       100 portable computers that use 802.11b and 802.11g

Users report that they have an intermittent connection to the wireless access point.

You need to recommend a solution that ensures that users can connect to the wireless access point at all times.

What should you recommend?

A. Move the wireless printers to the reception area.

B. Move the wireless access point to another location.

C. Replace the phone system with a DECT 6.0 phone system.

D. Replace the wireless access point with an 802.11g wireless access point.

Answer: B

Q7. All client computers on your company network run Windows 7. All servers in your company run Windows Server 2008 R2. Employees use a VPN connection to connect to the company network from a remote location.

Employees remain connected to the VPN server to browse the Internet for personal use.

You need to ensure that employees are unable to use the VPN connection for personal use.

What should you do?

A. Configure the VPN connection to append a connection-specific DNS suffix.

B. Configure the VPN connection to use machine certificates for authentication.

C. Use Group Policy to disable the Use default gateway on remote network setting on each client computer.

D. Use Group Policy to configure the firewall on each computer to block outgoing connections when using the VPN connection.

Answer: C

Q8. All client computers on your company network run Windows 7.

The preview displayed in the Content view of Windows Explorer and the Search box is considered a security risk by your company.

You need to ensure that documents cannot be previewed in the Content view.

What should you do?

A. Change the Windows Explorer view to the List view and disable all Search indexes.

B. Set Group Policy to enable the Remove See More Results/Search Everywhere link setting.

C. Set Group Policy to enable the Turn off the display of snippets in Content view mode setting.

D. Set Group Policy to enable the Turn off display of recent search entries in the Windows Explorer search box setting.

Answer: C

Q9. A user at the Headquarters site is able to run .bat files on LAPTOP01. However, you notice that the AppLockdown GPO was successfully applied to the computer.

You need to ensure that the user's computer complies with the existing AppLockdown GPO settings.

Which service should you start on LAPTOP01?

A. Application Experience

B. Application Identity

C. Application Management

D. Application Information

Answer: B

Q10. All client computers on your company network run Windows 7. The Finance department staff run an application that collects data from 09:30 hours to 15:00 hours everyday. After data collection, the application generates reports that contain data aggregation for the day and the previous week.

During report generation, the Finance department staff experience slow performance on their computers.

You discover that the usage of the processor on these computers is between 90 and 100 percent. You need to reduce the impact of report generation on the Finance computers.

What should you do?

A. Set the priority of the application to Low.

B. Set the priority of the application to Real-time.

C. Configure the processor affinity mask to ensure that the application uses all the available processors.

D. Modify the memory settings of the computers to optimize the performance of the background applications.

Answer: A