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Q181.  (Topic 4) 

You can update licenses on the Company Profile. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q182.  (Topic 3) 

This helps you manage the complete lifecycle of customer service,from logging cases to suggesting and delivering solutions across multiple channels, including Web self-service and live agent support: 

A. Ideas 

B. Community 

C. Sales Cloud 

D. Service Cloud2 

E. Sales Cloud2 

F. None of the Above 


Q183.  (Topic 2) 

Which of the following settings directly affects Date fields to display as MM/DD/YYYY? 

A. Local 

B. Time Zone 

C. Language 

D. Default Currency 


Q184.  (Topic 2) 

What are the opportunity defaults when converting a lead to an opportunity? 

A. Stage Defaults to first option in the picklist, close date defaults to the last day in the quarter, and the amount defaults to blank 

B. Stage defaults to first option in the picklist, close date defaults to 3 months from conversion date, and amount defaults to blank 

C. User defines amount, close date, and stage upon conversion 

D. None of the above 


Q185.  (Topic 1) 

When creating a sales process, the System Administrator will be modifying/filtering the values of the __________ field. 

A. Amount 

B. Stage 

C. Next Steps 

D. Status 

E. Close Date 


Q186.  (Topic 4) 

Is it possible for a user to own a record and not see it: 

A. True 

B. False 


Q187.  (Topic 2) 

Searches and Filters that take a long time may be cancelled? 

A. True 

B. False 


Q188.  (Topic 2) 

Which objects can be customized for history tracking? 

A. Solutions, Cases, Leads and Opportunities 

B. Cases, Leads, Solutions, Contracts, and Custom Objects 

C. Campaigns, Contracts, Custom Objects, and Solutions 

D. Opportunities, Leads, and Contracts 


Q189.  (Topic 1) 

If a user tries to login outside the IP range specified in their profile, the result will be. 

A. They will be logged in as normal 

B. They will have to reset their password 

C. They will be prompted to activate their computer 

D. They will be denied access 

E. None of the above 


Q190.  (Topic 4) 

The value in a Custom Field called Salary is 50,000. What would the formula, ISNUMBER (Salary_c), return 



C. Depends on the Users Locale 

D. 50.000 


Q191.  (Topic 1) 

Use ____________ to filter or segment picklist values based on the user's profile. 

A. Record Types 

B. User Profiles 

C. Role Hierarchy 

D. Business Processes 

E. Field Level Security 


Q192.  (Topic 1) 

Lookup fields allow users to select a record from another object during data entry, creating a parent-child relationship. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q193.  (Topic 2) 

Which action must be taken to view contacts associated with a case in the console? 

A. The related lists of the case page layout must be modified 

B. The custom links of the case page layout must be modified 

C. The related object of the case page layout must be modified 

D. The mini page layout of the case page layout must be modified 


Q194.  (Topic 2) 

Based solely on the role hierarchy a manager can do all of the following EXCEPT: 

A. View, edit, delete, and transfer his/her and his/her subordinates records 

B. Extend sharing on both his/her and his/her subordinate's records 

C. View all folders his/her Subordinate has access to, i.e., Reports, Documents, and Email Templates 

D. View records his subordinate does not own but can view 


Q195.  (Topic 3) 

What is a Dashboard made of? 

A. Tables 

B. Summary Reports 

C. Charts 

D. Gauges 

Answer: A,B,D 

232.  (Topic 3) 

The Salesforce Console is an example of what? 


B. Third Party Web integration/Application 

C. UI 

D. Java Script