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2021 Sep 199-01 question

Q91. Refer to the exhibit.

If Server A is an FTP server, which setting will enable active FTP optimization on Steelhead Mobile Client R?

A. in-path auto srcport 20

B. auto dstport 20

C. Client R: in-path auto dstport 20

D. Default auto-discovery rules will work

E. None of the above

Answer: E

Q92. When two or more Steelhead appliances are configured with Connection Forwarding in such environments as WCCP clustering, what feature will allow remaining Steelhead appliances to continue to provide optimization for new connections when one unit fails?

A. In-Path Neighbor FailurE.Allow

B. WCCP neighbor active

C. Minimum cluster count set to 1

D. Maximum cluster count set to 2

E. This cannot be done on Steelhead appliances

Answer: A

Q93. Which of the following are valid WCCPv2 control messages? (Select 3)





Answer: ABC

Q94. The amount of memory required for Steelhead Mobile installation varies between 81 MB to 228 MB. What is the reasons for the variation?

A. Number of TCP connections

B. Types of application

C. Datastore size

D. Bandwidth

E. All of the above

Answer: C

Q95. You have outgrown your current Steelhead appliance and want to copy the datastore from your exiting Steelhead 550 appliance to a new 2050 Steelhead appliance. What feature would you use to synchronize the different model Steelhead appliance datastores?

A. Export/Import operation function

B. Copy the datastore file system

C. "datastore send" command

D. Copying the configuration files

E. This cannot be done on Steelhead appliances

Answer: E

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Q96. When is it necessary to configure the SRDF Module rules? (Select 2)

A. Traffic originated between two EMC DMX arrays

B. Traffic originated from the Symmetrix FC ports (RF ports)

C. Traffic originated from the Symmetrix GigE ports (RE ports)

D. Traffic originated between two EMC V-Max arrays

Answer: CD

Q97. For In-path rules on an Interceptor appliance, Source and Destination subnets are specified in what format? (where "x" is any single digit number):

A. netmask

B. / xx

C. "all subnets"


Answer: B

Q98. What probe is being used in the inner channel between two Steelhead appliances when using Full Transparency in hex?

A. 0x4e

B. 0x4d

C. 0x4c

D. 0x4b

E. No probe is used

Answer: A

Q99. The Group ID (GID) links which two policies? (Select 2)

A. Optimization

B. Acceleration

C. Installation

D. Endpoint

E. Assignment

Answer: BD

Q100. Which of the following is true regarding the CMC appliance?

A. Can be configured using its default IP address of

B. Can be initially set up via the CLI

C. Can be initially setup via the AUX interface

D. Can be initially set up via telnet

E. Both C and D

Answer: B