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A BIG-IP Administrator is configuring an SSH Pool with five members.
Which Health Monitor should be applied to ensure that available pool members are monitored accordingly?

  • A. https
  • B. udp
  • C. http
  • D. tcp

Answer: D

What is the purpose of MAC masquerading?

  • A. to prevent ARP cache errors
  • B. to minimize ARP entries on routers
  • C. to minimize connection loss due to ARP cache refresh delays
  • D. to allow both BIGIP devices to simultaneously use the same MAC address

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit
201 dumps exhibit
201 dumps exhibit
The network team creates a new VLAN on the switches. The BIG-IP Administrator needs to create a configuration on the BIG-IP device. The BIG-IP Administrator creates a new VLAN and Self IP, but the servers on the new VLAN are NOT reachable from the BIG-IP device.
Which action should the BIG-IP Administrators to resolve this issue?

  • A. Set Port Lockdown of Set IP to Allow All
  • B. Change Auto Last Hop to enabled
  • C. Assign a physical interface to the new VLAN
  • D. Create a Floating Set IP Address

Answer: C

Which method is recommended for creating a new user from the CLI?

  • A. Run f5adduser username' then 'f5passwd username' from bash or tmsh
  • B. Run tmsh create auth user username prompt for password' from bash
  • C. edit bigip.conf to add the new user and the user's clear-text password
  • D. Run useradd username' then 'passwd username' from bash tmsh

Answer: B

An LTM device has a virtual server mapped to with a pool assigned. The objects are defined as follows:
Virtual server. Destination netmask Persistence: Source address persistence netmask SNAT:AutoMap
Profiles: HnP/TCP
How should the BIG-IP Administrator modify the persistence profile so that each unique IP address creates a persistence record?

  • A. netmask
  • B. netmask
  • C. netmask
  • D. netmask

Answer: B

A BIG-IP Administrator makes a configuration change to the BIG-IP device. Which file logs the message regarding the configuration change?

  • A. /var/log/messages
  • B. /var/log/audit
  • C. /var/log/user.log
  • D. /var/log/secure

Answer: B

About audit logging
Audit logging is an optional feature that togs messages whenever a BIG-IP® system object, such as a virtual server or a load balancing pool, is confined (that is. created, modified, or deleted). The BiGIP system logs the messages for these auditing events in the file /var/log'audit
There are three ways that objects can be configured
• By user action
• By system action
• By loading configuration data
Whenever an object is configured in one of these ways, the BIG-IP system logs a message to the audit log

A Virtual Server uses an iRule to send traffic to pool members depending on the URI. The BIG-IP Administrator needs to modify the pool member in the iRule.
Which event declaration does the BIG-IP Administrator need to change to accomplish this?


Answer: C

According to the UR! distribution is the category of HTTP requests, need to trigger HTTP_REQUEST event.

What is the status of a pool member when manual resume is enabled and a health check first fails and then passes?

  • A. Offline (Disabled)
  • B. Offline (Enabled)
  • C. Available (Disabled)
  • D. Available (Enabled)

Answer: A

A virtual server is listening at and has the following iRule associated with it: when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { if {[TCP::local_port] equals 21 } { pool
ftppool } elseif {[TCP::local_port] equals 23 } { pool telnetpool }
If a user connects to and port 22, which pool will receive the request?

  • A. ftppool
  • B. telnetpool
  • C. Non
  • D. The request will be dropped.
  • E. Unknow
  • F. The pool cannot be determined from the information provided.

Answer: D

A site needs a virtual server that will use an iRule to parse HTTPS traffic based on HTTP header values. Which two profile types must be associated with such a virtual server? (Choose two.)

  • A. TCP
  • B. HTTP
  • C. HTTPS
  • D. ServerSSL

Answer: AB

A BIG-IP Administrator is receiving intermittent reports from users that SSL connections to the BIG-IP device are failing. Upon checking the log files, the BIG-IP Administrator notices the following error message:
ere tmm<instance>[<pid>]: 01260008:3: SSL transaction (TPS) rate limit reached
After reviewing statistics, the BIG-IP Administrator notices there are a maximum of 1200 client-side SSL TPS and a maximum of 800 server-side SSL TPS.
What is the minimum SSL license limit capacity the BIG-IP Administrator should upgrade to handle this peak?

  • A. 2000
  • B. 400
  • C. 800
  • D. 1200

Answer: D

Which statement is true concerning a functional iRule?

  • A. iRules use a proprietary syntax language.
  • B. iRules must contain at least one event declaration.
  • C. iRules must contain at least one conditional statement.
  • D. iRules must contain at least one pool assignment statement.

Answer: B

A site would like to ensure that a given web server's default page is being served correctly prior to sending it client traffic. They assigned the default HTTP monitor to the pool. What would the member status be if it sent
an unexpected response to the GET request.?

  • A. The pool member would be marked offline (red).
  • B. The pool member would be marked online (green).
  • C. The pool member would be marked unknown (blue).
  • D. The pool member would alternate between red and green.

Answer: B

An ecommerce company is experiencing latency issues with online shops during Black Friday's peak season. The BIG-IP Administrator detects an overall high CPU load on the BIG-IP device and wants to move the top utilized Virtual Servers to a dedicated BIG-IP device.
Where should the BIG-IP Administrator determine the problematic Virtual Servers?

  • A. System > Plattform
  • B. Local Traffic > Virtual Servers > Virtual Server List
  • C. Local Traffic > Network Map
  • D. Statistics > Module Statistics > Local Traffic > Virtual Servers

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
201 dumps exhibit
The BIG-IP Administrator has modified an iRule on one device of an HA pair. The BIG-IP Administrator notices there is NO traffic on the BIG-IP device in which they are logged into.
What should the BIG-IP Administrator do to verify if the iRule works correctly?

  • A. Push configuration from this device to the group and start to monitor traffic on this device
  • B. Pull configuration to this device to the cluster and start to monitor traffic on this device
  • C. Log in to the other device in the cluster, push configuration from it, and start to monitor traffic on that device
  • D. Log in to the other device in the cluster, pull configuration to it, and start to monitor traffic on that device

Answer: D

The device in the picture is a standby machine, of course there is no traffic, you need to log in to the host, and then pull the configuration to the host.


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