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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q1. What security feature would require a packet to be received on the interface that the interface would use to forward the return packet?

A. urpf

B. arp inspection

C. vlan acl

D. u2026

Answer: A

Q2. What needs to be configured to control unwanted transit traffic to not be routed to remote branches that have multiple WAN connections? (E)

A. route weighting

B. route tagging

C. route filtering

D. route prioritising

Answer: C

Q3. Which interface characteristic is used to calculate cost of an interface in OSPF?

A. Bandwidth

B. Latency

C. Load

D. Reliability

Answer: A

Q4. There's a requirement to separate networks within an organization. What technology can be used while preserving hardware?

A. Virtual Context


Answer: A

Q5. An engineer has an implemented a QOS architecture that requires a signaling protocol to tell routers which flows of packets require special treatment. Which two mechanisms are important to establish and maintaining QOS architecture? (choose two)

A. classification

B. tagging

C. packet scheduling

D. admission control

E. resource reservation

Answer: D,E

Q6. Which two features provide resiliency in a data center? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco FabricPath


C. encryption

D. vPC


Answer: A,D

Q7. Which one of these could you implement to sustain a large DDoS attack?

A. Stateful firewall


C. Connections limits and timeouts

D. Access-lists

Answer: C

Q8. Which option does best practice dictate for the maximum number of areas that an OSPF router should belong to for optimal performance?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

Answer: C

Q9. Two Cisco switches with 1 SUP and many 10G line-card ports for each switch, run in VSS mode. In which case or for what reason you don't connect all VSL to SUP?

A. The need for hardware diversity

B. Bandwidth congestion at SUP

C. In case the sup fail

D. Qos must be configured on both

Answer: A

Q10. Which statement about the ToR design model is true?

A. It can shorten cable runs and simplify rack connectivity.

B. Each ToR switch must be individually managed.

C. Multiple ToR switches can be interconnected to provide a loop-free spanning-tree infrastructure.

D. It can connect servers that are located in separate racks.

Answer: A

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