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2016 Sep PMP study guide

Q141. You have assembled your thoughts into a message. As you pass this information to a second party, you are giving this person your:

A. Input and Data

B. Feedback

C. Data

D. Output

E. Input

Answer: D

Q142. Regardless of style, what information is shown in a process flowchart?

A. Actions, decision points, and process drivers

B. Activities, decision points, and the order of processing

C. Activities, process drivers, and the order of processing

D. Actions, decision points, and activities

Answer: B

Q143. A project manager discovers an urgent need for outsourced resources on the project. He knows he has the money to cover the cost of these resources. He goes to the procurement manager and explains the situation, insisting a contract be drawn up today so he can obtain resources and circumvent the standard procedure. Is this the correct process to follow?

A. Yes, of course. For urgent needs, it is not necessary to follow the organization?s procedure regarding procurement.

B. Yes. Urgent needs from projects should always be dealt with immediately, as directed by the project manager.

C. No. The procurement manager has a process to follow when creating contracts that helps protect the company and its projects.

D. No. The procurement manager should be checking in with the project manager to see if he is in need of a contract, rather than making the project manager come and ask for one.

Answer: C

Q144. A non-critical path activity is completed in half the time. Then,

A. All of the other alternatives apply.

B. The slack in the path containing this activity will increase.

C. The total cost for this activity has decreased.

D. The critical path is also reduced.

E. Manpower from this activity can be assigned to other activities.

Answer: B

Q145. What is one of the MAJOR outputs of activity sequencing?

A. Responsibility assignment matrix

B. Work breakdown structure update

C. Project network diagram

D. Mandatory dependencies list

Answer: C

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Q146. You are a project manager for Dutch Harbor Consulting. Your latest project involves the upgrade of an organization's operating system on 236 servers. You performed this project under contract.

You are in the Closing process and know that product verification is for what purpose?

A. To verify that all the work was completed correctly and satisfactorily

B. To evaluate project goals and ensure that the product of the project meets the requirements

C. To verify the goals of the project and ensure that the product of the project is complete

D. To evaluate all the work of the project and compare the results to project scope

Answer: A

Q147. The Japanese Quality Control (QC) Circle movement motivated its participants in many ways. Which of the following represents the most important motivation for the QC circle participants?

A. strengthening of relationships between co-workers

B. recognition among co-workers

C. self-improvement

D. improving the performance of the company

E. financial incentives

Answer: D

Q148. Which type of analysis is used to develop the communications management plan?

A. Product

B. Cost benefit

C. Stakeholder

D. Research

Answer: C

Q149. Identifying major deliverables, deciding if adequate cost estimates can be developed, and identifying tangible components of each deliverable are all part of which of the following?

A. Work breakdown structure

B. Organizational breakdown structure

C. Resource breakdown structure

D. Bill of materials

Answer: A

Q150. What is the standard deviation for the estimates in the above problem?

A. 2

B. 0.5

C. 1.5

D. 0.6

Answer: D