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Q16. Analogous Cost Estimating relies on which of the following techniques?

A. Expert Judgment

B. Project Management Software

C. Vendor Bid Analysis

D. Reserve Analysis

Answer: A

Q17. Which schedule development tool and technique produces a theoretical early start date and late start date?

A. Critical path method

B. Variance analysis

C. Schedule compression

D. Schedule comparison bar charts

Answer: A

Q18. In general, attempts to smooth out period to period resources will _____ the scheduled time and _____ project costs.

A. Increase, increase

B. Decrease, decrease.

C. Increase, decrease.

D. Increase, increase or decrease.

E. Decrease, increase.

Answer: A

Q19. A(n) _____ is defined as a specified accomplishment in a particular instant in time which does not consume time or resources.

A. Event.

B. Activity

C. Correlation

D. Event constrained within planned effort.

E. Constant

Answer: A

Q20. The scope of a project can be expected to change if:

A. The project manager must provide cost estimates without having a design concept

B. All of the other alternatives apply are possible based upon the situation

C. The project manager is assigned after the project is defined, and the cost and schedule are approved

D. A clear objective is not provided

E. Oversimplification (underestimating) of the nature of the work occurs

Answer: B

Q21. You are the project manager on an information technology project on which you and the sponsor have already approved the scope. An information specialist on your team, after having lunch with a low ranking customer representative working with him on a software project, learns that a simple alteration in the display would be a great addition to the project. The information specialist installs the change with no negative effect on the project schedule and at no additional cost. What action should be taken?

A. The information specialist should be recognized for exceeding customer expectations without affecting project cost or schedule.

B. The project manager should add an activity to the project management plan with no associated time.

C. The information specialist should be told that his behavior was unacceptable, as it may have negatively affected the overall project.

D. The project manager should create a change control form and have the customer approve thechange since the change has already been made.

Answer: C

Q22. What is an output of Control Scope?

A. Accepted deliverables

B. Work performance measurements

C. Requirements documentation

D. Work performance information

Answer: B

Q23. Which of the following is an example of contract administration?

A. Negotiating the contract

B. Authorizing contractor work

C. Developing the statement of work

D. Establishing evaluation criteria

Answer: B

Q24. Who is responsible for decide project management process for a particular project?

A. Sponsor

B. Project Manager

C. Stakeholders

D. Senior management

Answer: B

Q25. Which of the following is contained within the communications management plan?

A. An organizational chart

B. Glossary of common terminology

C. Organizational process assets

D. Enterprise environmental factors

Answer: B

Q26. Which of the following schedule network analysis techniques is applied when a critical path method calculation has been completed and resources availability is critical?

A. Applying calendars

B. Resource Leveling

C. Resource Planning

D. Resource Conflict Management

Answer: B

Q27. Who is responsible for determining which processes from the Process Groups will be employed and who will be performing them?

A. Project sponsor and project manager

B. Project sponsor and functional manager

C. Project manager and project team

D. Project team and functional manager

Answer: C

Q28. Projects can be divided into phases to provide better management control. Collectively, what are these phases known as?

A. Complete project phase

B. Project life

C. The project life cycle

D. Project cycle

Answer: C

Q29. At the end of the project, what will be the value of SV?

A. Positive

B. Zero

C. Negative

D. Greater than one

Answer: B

Q30. Which performance measurement tells you what the projected total cost of the project will be at completion?





Answer: C